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European Design 2020


Erasmus+, European Design – Europia 2020 – Poland, Blonie – 18-24/03/2018

Countries participating in the project: Poland, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Lithunia, Portugal, Slovenia



  1. Select your school.
  2. Have you ever heard about the projects Erasmus+            YES / NO
  3. Have well do you think you are informed about the ongoing project European design – Europia 2020 ?                  1 /  2 / 3 / 4 / 5            (1 being the lowest score possible, 5 the highest)
  4. Are you interested in participating /  Have you already participated in the project?       YES / NO
  5. What are your expectations? (1 or more possible answers)
  • I can improve my knowledge in foreign languages.
  • I can improve my social skills.
  • I can improve my communication skills.
  • I can get to know more about other cultures (history, traditions, habits, food, clothing, housing…)
  • I can improve working in a team, with my fellow students and students from abroad.
  • I can improve my artistic skills.
  1. How can / could  you contribute to the project itself? (1 or more possible answers)
  • I can make good use of my organization skills (logistics / transportation / hosting…).
  • I can give clear instructions to a larger group.
  • I can express myself clearly in English.
  • I can moderate a debate (leadership skills).
  • I can share my experience in creativity .
  • I can find good solutions for problems / issues.
  • I can share my experience in social bonding.
  • I can share my experience in ICT skills (ppt, pictures, social media…)


Second part of the questionnaire for those who have already participated in the project

  1. What do you think was the most positive thing ?
  2. What would you suggest to improve and how ?
  3. Did you stay in a family and how did you feel about it ?
  4.  Did/will you host someone ?
  5.  How are you planning to share your experience in the mobility with your peers ?




  1. Do you think the criteria for participating in a trip should be the same at every school?
  2. What do you think a student should to in order to participate in a trip? (e.g. motivational letter)
  3. Do you think that something like a core team / main team member/ main student organisator is necessary for the project? 
  4. Do you think it is better if the same students participate in each  trip or if the participating students change from trip to trip? 
  5. Did you enjoy the discussion about specific parts of the project?
  6. Do you think that there was enough time for creativity in this trip
  7. Did you understand the idea behind the project? Could you explain it in one or two sentences? 
  8. How could we improve the work on the project?
  9. What did you expect the trip to be like? Did all of your hopes get fulfilled?  What could be improved?



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